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Who we are

ECLEPs is a partnership of academic, practice, regulatory, and professional organizations that recognize that clinical learning experiences in LTC are often avoided and not valued by nursing faculty or students. Created in 2006, ECLEPs provides training and resources to develop nursing homes and assisted living facilities as excellent clinical sites for nursing students to learn best practices in care of older adults. ECLEPs is developing a repository of focused clinical learning activities for use by nursing students learning to care for older adults in long-term care settings (e.g., skilled and intermediate care, assisted and residential care, and adult care homes). Combined, these activities create the capacity to positively impact the care of older Oregonians by

  • Improving practice in skilled nursing and residential care settings.
  • Providing clinical experiences focusing on older adults for all nursing students.
  • Improving work environments in LTC that may lead to recruitment and retention of nurses who desire to care for this population.

Click to download and read our 2011 fact sheet it describes the project objectives, time lines and benefits to participants. View our interactive Prezi to get the "big idea" about our project.


  • Aging in Oregon Learning Modules Updated!
    The ECLEPs team has transformed our Aging in Oregon learning modules to voice over powerpoint. Please enjoy and share the revised modules, they are also linked on our resources page, listed under ECLEPs developed resources.

    Peer Reviewed Gerontological Web Resources

    We've been evaluating and reviewing online resources for faculty to use, and have developed a new webpage to share what we've found! This page is an easy-to-use reference for faculty wanting to infuse nursing courses with gerontologic content.

  • Site Updated December 2012